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Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Well, it's happened.  That day that kids LOVE.  The day I mostly feared....and looked forward to.  We talked and talked about what it was going to be like.   Would he be excited? Or scared?  Would he make friends?  Would he like his teacher? Would I cry?

Turns out, I had no reason to fear this huge step. Because this is what I saw:

Pure excitement!

He wouldn't even let us walk him to his class! He ran up to the door, couldn't get it open, so came back and asked for Eric to open it up.  Eric said that once Tate got inside, he was off!  He wanted to take these steps on his own.  What an amazing moment for us! This, from our slow-to-warm-up, introverted son!  So so proud!

He completely and utterly loves school.  He is slowly making friends (which actually is easier than we thought, since 3 of the boys in his class are named Gavin!). He loves his teacher.  What an amazing blessing!  We all had a hard transition when we moved to MN.  We didn't want this transition to be as rough.  Turns out, God had some amazing plans for Tate and us in this transition!

And Quinn's first official day of preschool was also an amazing day!  She actually has been in the preschool classroom over the summer, but she is now an official preschooler! (Gotta love fall birthdays!)  Thankfully, she was excited to go "back to school" as well!  She was ready to see her buddies!

Here is her first day of preschool pic:

She wouldn't take a picture without her Bubba! :) 

Take care y'all! -Kristen

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Baseball Heaven

 Nothing like training up the next generation of baseball fans.
Last time we were at a game at this place, it was for the greatest World Series game...ever. They won this game, too.

The Hill

 We always have our stops we have to make in St. Louis. One is Amighetti's.
 The Amighetti's 'Special.' For 'special' people.


 We still love this zoo the best. Here are the hippos swimming by.
 Baby elephant in the background.
 Hangin' with Brody.
Last time these kids hung out, they were just starting to stand. They do a little more than that now.


 One of our go-to babysitters moves to college today. Here are some pictures they took one night while we were out on the town.
Pretty sure if Tate was 13 years older, they'd be a couple.

Ron + Connie!

 Had a June visit from Ron and Connie. We live a little farther than a half mile away now, but even Quinn remembers them from visit to visit.
These are some special people in our kids' lives.

Time with Kenzie!

 We just got a few hours with her, but we were so glad we did!
Love seeing these kids together.